Whatever Happens Tomorrow, We Had Today.

- Why did you tell me?
- You asked.
- You could’ve lied. You could’ve told me it was none of my business.
- Ah, suppose I could have. Didn’t think of that. Decided to trust you instead.

(Source: tracesoftears, via kmoleary)


It’s gotten tiresome

The enveloping self-hatred

And paralyzing hurt

That sets the tone for that moment in our relationship

Until I suppose you decide

To get us back on track.

We can be wonderful for a while

Teasing moments or serious conversations

Either way

Simply enjoying each other’s company

But overnight, the dynamics can change

To barely there eye contact and forced conversation

Only when necessary

And when it’s convenient,

I can’t I exist to you any longer.

Every time this change occurs

I’m left going over every word and every action

That was said and done around you

To try and understand what it was

That I did wrong

And the self-hatred sets in

Then I see how differently you treat every other person, while exiling me

And the hurt sets in.

I have told myself every time, I think

That the next tile will be different, I won’t place myself in that position again

Yet something about the way you treat me, when it’s good

Pulls me back towards you with a force that I find impossible to resist.

It’s almost as if you manage to pull me back into this loop

Right before I am able to find the nick

Thought which I can find my way out.